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Construction Litigation

Construction Litigation is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for dabblers either. It’s a precise, high-stakes area of law where there’s no substitute for experience.

With more than 20 years of legal experience in construction litigation, business and industry experience, Capannelli Law has the track record and depth of knowledge to help clients navigate through the most complex construction issues.

Construction Liens

Liens are not just about preserving your rights. They’re about setting yourself up to successfully negotiate payment from a position of power. Whether prosecuting or defending lien claims, we’re experts in leading clients through the complexities of the Construction Lien Act.

Construction Trusts

Providing an alternative to a lien claim, particularly where your lien rights may have expired, the Construction Trust is an effective tool used to negotiate payment. Our team readily prosecutes and defends claims for breach of trust under this powerful and well-established remedy.

Delay Claims

Construction, by its very nature, is a multi-faceted and complex undertaking. Delays are inevitable so it’s critical to turn to an experienced team whether prosecuting or defending claims in this area. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to move you through the process effectively and cost-efficiently.

Deficiency Claims

Sometimes your best work – or that of your employees, suppliers or trades – just isn’t good enough. Arguing over deficiencies is commonplace in construction, whether it’s on residential, commercial, or industrial projects. We bring the parties together and know the best strategies to resolving them.

Condominium Construction Deficiency and TARION Warranty Claims

Without a doubt, condominium development throughout the Greater Toronto Area – especially within the City of Toronto – is experiencing a historical boom, lasting over two decades. This growth has come at a high price – construction deficiencies, which can be costly.

Our industry, business, and litigation experience with condominium development, gives us a unique edge when guiding property managers and condominium corporations through the legal complexities, regulations , guidelines, procedures, and policies around the development and turnover of condominiums.

We have litigated, arbitrated, and mediated these and related matters for nearly twenty years. Contact us to get experienced and trusted counsel working for you.

Professional Liability and Negligence Claims

There’s a lot riding on the decision-making process in every area of a construction project, and there are protections in place to ensure you get the best advice possible from the professionals you need to depend on. If you’ve trusted advice that turned out to be misguided, ill-informed, or simply wrong, meet with our team. We’ve successfully prosecuted negligence claims against architects, engineers, inspectors and property managers, to name a few, and will help you determine the right course of action.

Surety Bond Claims

Surety bonds are now commonplace on construction projects and provide an avenue for relief when a party fails to pay, or perform its obligations under the contract. Bond claims can be complex and often require the know-how of a lawyer with experience in this highly technical area. Capannelli Law - work with people who know and can get you the results you need.

Contract Review, Strategic Planning and Risk Management

Before you sign that contract, tender that bid, or submit that proposal, let us review and assess your risk. A small investment early-on can mean enormous savings in terms of time, resources and money down the road. Make us part of your team of trusted advisors and keep your business moving forward, trouble-free.

Our legal and industry experience uniquely positions us to effectively draft, review and negotiate contracts, help you strategically plan for upcoming projects, and manage the risk that looms large in the world of construction. We take pride in offering efficient and well-thought out dispute resolution services.

Our clients include owners, lenders, consultants, general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, condominium corporations, and government agencies.

It doesn’t end there. Understanding the importance of change and keeping up with the times, through organization like the Ontario Bar Association, we play an active role in policy development and legislative reform.

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